STOCKTON (CBS13) – Officers had to break up a large fight at a Stockton mall Tuesday night, resulting in the arrest of two juveniles.

Stockton police say throughout Tuesday evening officers had been fielding calls of trespassing juveniles at the Weberstown and Sherwood malls. Officers were able to disperse several crowds.

A little before 7 p.m., dozens of Stockton police officers were then called to Weberstown Mall after a massive and unruly crowd sparked a number of fights in the parking lot, spilling across the street to Target.

Police say about 100 people were involved. The Target store even went on a security alert asking non-shoppers to leave.

Some stores in the mall closed early.

Police broke up the crowd and arrested two juveniles for trespassing.

Officers investigated reports of someone having a gun during the incident, but no guns were ever found.

No one was hurt in the incident, police say.


Comments (2)
  1. Bill Scriven says:

    Why no video? Those malls have cameras all over the place?

  2. Stephen Cox says:

    No media (MSM) wants to “shame” these poor upstannding citiizens! If it was white teens you would see video from local news, to Good Morrning America show, to whoopi & Joys left leaning fiasco of a show!!!!

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