SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Can you believe we’re already way past the halfway point with the Top 100 stories of 2017? I sure hope not, because this is the real halfway point. Once you get to the end, THEN you can say you’re way past the halfway point.

Nature has found a way through this entire section of the list as flooding fears during many parts of winter dominated a lot of the thoughts and concerns of our viewers.

50. Police: Sacramento Man Beat Ex-Girlfriend, 2 Children With Hammer

An 8-year-old boy later died from his injuries in this brutal attack. The man was arrested in Nevada.

49. Davis Imam Apologizes After Fiery Sermon Draws Global Condemnation

A fiery sermon that made the rounds online after translators said it called for his higher power to annihilate Jews, and asked his congregants to take part in the slaughter landed one Imam in hot water. Days after saying he had been taken out of context, he issued an apology.

“I let my emotions get the best of me and cloud my better judgment. I said things that were hurtful to Jews. This was unacceptable.”

48. Berkeley Teacher Arrested On Charges Related To Capitol Brawl

A massive brawl at the state Capitol that spawned more than 100 warrants somehow only led to four arrests. The charges stem from a rally held by a white supremacist group at the state Capitol on June 26, 2016.

47. Stray Cat Named A ‘Prime Suspect’ In Attempted Murder Case

A woman was taken to the hosptial with about 20 cuts to her face. First responders thought it might have been the work of someone with a knife, but the case may hinge on a set of retractable claws.

46. Police: Men Drugged Woman At Old Roseville Bar, Sexually Assaulted Her

Police say the men drugged the woman and then sexually assaulted her in an unknown area.

45. Sierra Shakes With More Than A Dozen Earthquakes

More than a dozen earthquakes gave some residents an early wakeup call in the Sierra. While none reached beyond a magnitude-3.9 earthquake, some campers were caught off guard.

44. Scientists Say Mind Still Works After Death, You Know You’re Dead

This is one story that will probably keep you up at night.

43. Residents Ready To Arm Themselves After Crimes Targeting Asian Community

Robberies and home invasions in the Meadowview, Fruitridge, and Pocket neighborhoods were on the rise, leading some to arm themselves for protection.

42. Controlled Avalanche Hits Alpine Meadows Resident’s Home

Early in the year, crews worked to limit the danger amid a record snowfall year in the Sierra. The problem is, this protective measure came storming through one man’s front door.

41. Wine Country Wildfire Map

Wildfire season hit one of its worst patches when flames ripped through wine country and spread devastation faster than many people could track.

40. Experts Say U.S. Should Expect A Brutal Winter This Year

Compared to last winter, this one’s a breeze in the Sacramento area. But much of the country is feeling the icy wrath of nature.

39. Research Shows Impact Of Rising Sea Levels On Stockton, Sacramento

With sea levels on the rise, maps showed the impact flooding could have on the rivers and tributaries in the Sacramento and Stockton areas. And it was grim.

38. 3 Children Found Dead In West Sacramento Apartment

It was a horrific crime that left some first responders shaken. A father accused of killing his three children in their home. He would later plead guilty to the crimes.

37. Evacuation Notice Issued Due to Hazardous Situation With Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway

For some, this was the longest night of the year. After days of watching water levels rise at the Oroville Dam and the damaged spillway unable to keep up with the rapidly rising inflows, the emergency spillway was put to use. Everything seemed fine until officials with the Butte County Sheriff’s department saw something that didn’t seem right and ordered the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people out of fear the emergency spillway could fail and threaten the structural integrity of one of the largest earthen dams in the world.

36. Sacramento State Student’s Art Depicting Cops As Pigs Drawing Attention

An art student’s work speaking out against police brutality and some of the bad apples in the system caught the eye of some, generating the kind of strong response good art can do.

35. Friends, Family Remember Football Coach Shot To Death In Elk Grove

Leslie Stafford, 36, died after being shot in the head outside of his home. Friends call him a family man and a beloved football coach, who was always willing to help those around him.

34. San Joaquin County Levee Breach Prompts Mandatory Evacuations

A tremendously wet winter put a lot of strain on the waterways and the structures meant to keep floodwaters at bay.

33. Woman In Her 80s Killed In Attack On Highlands High School Track

Originally from Japan, Fusako Petrus has lived in Sacramento for several years. Since her husband passed away, she has lived alone near the school and never had children. One morning walk on a high-school track proved deadly.

32. Voluntary Evacuation Notices Issued To Flood-Prone Areas In Marysville

This is one of those stories where you look at the wet winter and try to guess when it happened.

31. Body Found In Feather River Identified As Alycia Yeoman

It was a tragic ending to the disappearance of a Yuba College student that had the area on edge and concerned that someone was targeting women in the area. Her body was found near there her truck and phone had been found earlier .

30. Davis Imam Addresses Controversy Surrounding Sermon

A fiery sermon that made the rounds online after translators said it called for his higher power to annihilate Jews, and asked his congregants to take part in the slaughter landed one Imam in hot water.

29. Violence Concerns Mount In Roseville As Anti-Islam Group Plans March

A conservative rally against Sharia Law drew concern and worry, especially as violence was escalating at similar events that seemed aimed at sparking a strong reaction.

28. Bell Ringer Beaten After Wishing Man ‘Merry Christmas’

A Salvation Army bell ringer says two words ended with him knocked to the ground.

27. Undocumented Worker Didn’t Know He Was Going To Work At Air Force Base

Hugo Mejia showed up for work like he did every day. This day was work at a hospital. The problem is, this hospital happened to be on an Air Force Base.

26. ‘Supervolcano’ Under Yellowstone May Have Planet-Killing Potential

Here’s another one to keep you up later at night.



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