SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — And so we’ve finally entered the home stretch. And, yes, we’re definitely well past the halfway point.

Acts of violence and unfounded reports of violence share the list with fish falling from the sky and fishermen looking for a better solution on licenses.

But in the end, there can be only one No. 1 story and it’s definitely a surprise.

25. Stockton Toddler Dies During Dental Procedure

Photos taken by her mother, show three-year-old Daleyza Avila-Hernandez playing in the waiting room with her siblings at the dental center. It was the last time Araceli Avila would ever see her daughter again. Moments later, the little girl went in for a dental procedure but never came out.

24. Creative Homeless Turn Bottom Of Highway 65 Into Two-Bedroom Apartment

It’s Extreme Makeover: Highway Overpass Edition!

The space is four feet tall and 40 feet long. It’s supposed to be used as crawl space for engineers to check on the freeway. But this looked more like an apartment.

23. Sheriff: Sacramento County Deputy Killed, 2 CHP Officers Injured In Shooting

It started as a vehicle theft investigation and ended with a violent shootout that left a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy dead.

22. Fighting For $15? New Robot Taking Over In Fast Food Spots

The battle for livable wages ran into the pursuit of automation as burger flipping leaned toward the machines.

21. Davis Islamic Center Under Fire After Online Sermon Translation

The Davis Imam’s two-hour long sermon is mostly in Arabic. According to a translation from the Middle East Media Research Institute, Ammar Shahin calls for the annihilation of Jews, and asks his higher power to liberate the Al Asqa mosque from their filth.

20. Trump Threats, Minimum Wage, Overtime Hitting California Farmers Hard

As harvesting season started, many growers in need of workers feared they may lose their crops, and President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration orders appears to only make matters worse.

19. ‘Active Shooter’ Reported At Travis Air Force Base

The base was placed on lockdown over fears of a gunman, but it turned out to be unfounded.

18. ICE Agents Staked Out Near Church Raise Concerns In Sacramento

The Del Paso church La Vida serves as a sanctuary for the local Hispanic community. Federal immigration agents were caught staking out at the church during services. But Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have a policy to avoid sensitive places, including houses of worship.

17. Missing Woman Janet Mejia Found Dead From Gunshot Wound

Janet Mejia was reported missing when she was on the way to a doctor’s appointment in Stockton. Deputies discovered her car a day later. Investigators found she had left her family’s home in Stocktonand was scheduled to work at Nordstrom’s in Roseville that afternoon.

16. School Suddenly Finds Itself Covered In Dead Fish In Middle Of Day

A typical Tuesday took a turn for the weird just before noon when the campus was suddenly covered in dead fish.

15. Judge: San Francisco Can’t Be Sued Over Death By Immigrant

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero dismissed wrongful death claims filed by the family of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle against the city and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. The judge, however, allowed a negligence claim against the federal government to move forward.

14. Nearly 200K Remain Under Evacuation As Concerns Remain Over Oroville Dam Spillway

Nearly 200,000 people were left wondering when they’d be able to go home after an evacuation order over fears the Oroville Dam emergency spillway could fail and affect the integrity of the entire dam. In the end, the system held.

13. Pioneer Cabin Tree Falls In Calaveras County During Storm

The Pioneer Cabin tree, known for having a hole that allowed visitors to drive or walk underneath it, was toppled by an early January storm.

12. Anglers Applaud Bill To Change California Fishing Licenses

The change would make fishing licenses last for 12 months from the date of purchase. It’s currently held up in the Assembly.

11. Passport Centers Overwhelmed As Immigration Enforcement Ramps Up

As immigration enforcement ramped up, some passport centers in the region were overwhelmed with the number of applicants.

10. Legislators Hear Horror Stories Of Broken Harassment Reporting System

The head of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus says no one knows about those alleged abusers, because of a deficient system for reporting harassment.

“We have a whisper network you all know it. Because what everybody here knows is we have rapists here in this building. We have molesters among us,” said Christine Pelosi.

9. Sacramento Regional Transit Systems Hit By Hacker

That hacker forced RT to halt its operating systems that take credit card payments, and assigns buses and trains to their routes. Inside RT’s headquarters, computer systems were taken down after the hacker deleted 30 million files.

8. Suspect In Elderly Woman’s Assault May Have Ties To Murder

A day after the brutal murder of an 86-year-old woman on a high school track, investigators made an arrest in the case after a similar assault.

7. Vacaville District Warns Parents About Blue Whale Challenge

It starts out with seemingly harmless questions and dares, but in the end, the final step suggests suicide. The name of game likely comes from the myth that whales commit suicide by stranding themselves on land.

6. Parents Grill School Board Over Kindergarten Transgender Discussions

All it took was a book, and parents were up in arms on both sides wondering what should have been done and what should be taught in schools.

5. California Lawmaker Calls For Investigation Of Regulators After Many Report PG&E Bill Hikes

Whether it was because of temperatures or rate increases or a combination, the fact so many customers reported seeing a large rate spike at the same time last winter raised concerns at the Capitol.

4. Folsom School Bans ‘USA’ Chant Over ‘Unintended Message’ Worries

It’s a popular way to for students to show pride during sporting events and rallies, but school and district officials warned students that the chants could appear inappropriate and intolerant.

Folsom Cordova Unified Communications Director Daniel Thigpen said, “To practice empathy, to practice kindness and to practice patriotism. You can do both.”

3. Video Shows Delivery Driver Pooping In Front Of Sacramento Home

It’s the kind of package these residents didn’t order, but the special delivery was caught on camera.

2. Congressman Walks Off Stage During Oroville Town Hall

Rep. Doug LaMalfa faced a tough crowd and struggled to get through a PowerPoint presentation on health care before deciding to walk off the stage.

1. Court Rules Against Monsanto, Allows California To Put Cancer Warning On Roundup

After wandering through the weeds for 99 spots on this list, we end with a warning about something you’d use to kill those weeds. It’s a story that started in January and kept finding new life throughout the year, showing people’s interest in the agriculture giant Monsanto—whose sale and likely subsequent name change to Bayer is set to close sometime in 2018.