MODESTO (CBS13) — Some are now calling attention to what they call a stray dog problem in Stanislaus County. This, after a woman was found dead in a driveway south of the city.

Authorities believe she was mauled by a dog.

The attack happened early Thursday morning.

“Stray dogs everywhere, that’s Stanislaus County for you, that’s all that’s around here,” said Armando, who works lives in the area.  “A bunch of mutts really, not no full-breed dog — especially little dogs transients like to keep,” he added.

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Armando says he usually sees stray dogs roaming up and down Crows Landing Road.  That’s where 56-year old Deborah Onsurez was found lying dead Thursday morning.  Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputies say they believe Onsurez was killed by a pack of stray dogs.

“Being killed by a dog is extremely unusual,” said Tai Bogan, an attorney in Modesto, who has worked dog attack cases.  He questions whether the dogs were actually strays after deputies and animal control officers said they couldn’t find any dogs in the area.  But dog attacks aren’t uncommon.

Just last month, a pit bull in Elk Grove attacked at least three people, and in May, a bicyclist was attacked by a dog on the American River Parkway.

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In 2014, there two separate pit bull attacks in Stanislaus County — one left a man dead.

Bogan is calling on law enforcement to step up.

“Animal control cannot allow dogs to roam around the street. It just can’t happen in a civilized society,” Bogan said.

Deputies have not been able to identify the breed of dog which may have killed Onsurez.

If the dogs to belong to an owner, Bogan says they could face criminal charges for negligence.

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  1. Jane Brown says:

    Municipalities MUST protect the public from this pandemic of pit fighting dogs killing on average, every 10 days in America.

  2. “Extremely unusual” to be killed by a dog??? Not at all. Pit bulls are currently killing thee people each month in the USA. This “breed” of dog has got to GO. No one needs or should be allowed to have a dog BRED to kill and doing so with regularity.

  3. I agree. #BanPitbulls. And charge their owners with reckless murder when this happens.

  4. Pits are killing and maiming people left and right. Uncommon? Not anymore.

  5. Oh yeah, “extremely unusual”, although this month there has been at least 5 fatal pit bull attacks in the United States.

  6. No where in the article does it say Pitt bulls. maybe they should ban dumb a$$ people from owning dogs

  7. hitrestart1 says:

    Authorities “believe” the woman was mauled by a dog? How does a person get savaged to death by dogs in her driveway and no one heard her screaming or any other sounds a dog attack would make?? An adult dying in such a horrible way is neither quiet nor quick.

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