By Drew Bollea

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — The city of Rocklin has put an end to the years-long battle over what to do with the dilapidated Rocklin Golf Course.

The city finalized the deal to purchase all of the land and will likely turn it into park and recreation space.

“We think it’s a great opportunity to expand the parks and trail use here in the city over time,” said Michael Young, a city spokesperson.

The $5.8 million purchase of the land comes after three different attempts by the owner to develop housing on the lot.

Most recently the owner proposed building on 42 acres. Selling and donating the rest of the land, a total of 141 acres, to the city for $1.5 million.

“Wanting to build 280 additional homes. I’m not going to allow that to happen,” said Rocklin resident John Carter when we spoke with him in March.

Carter got his way.

“People bought their homes in that area around a golf course and didn’t expect to see land rezoned and built,” explained Young, “so that was some of their concerns.”

The city paid nearly four times more money for all of the land compared to the previous offer.

“Terrible deal for the taxpayers of Rocklin,” said Brian Hanlon.

Hanlon pushes for policy that increases building in urban areas. He says vocal anti-development people who sway city councils are the biggest threat to building new homes in California.

“Too many existing neighbors fight new homebuilding in their community,” said Hanlon.

He says the people who spoke out against development on the closed golf course missed an opportunity to compromise, provide needed housing, and keep most of the land for green space.

“A lot of neighbors don’t want any new neighbors,” said Hanlon.

The park is still closed to the public until further notice. Young says there are clean up and safety precautions that need to be taken before the space will be opened.

As for the cost to restore the run-down golf course, Young says those funds will have to be identified by the city council in the near future.


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