CBS Local — An unstable United Airlines passenger made the trip from Chicago to Hong Kong stink for flyers after he reportedly smeared feces all over the plane’s bathrooms. The man, who also tried to stuff his shirt in the toilet, forced the flight crew to divert to Alaska so he could be removed.

According to KTVA-TV, United Airlines flight 895 had to make the emergency stop at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage on Jan. 4. Airport police report there was a “passenger smearing feces everywhere” on board the Boeing 777. Officials added that the unnamed passenger carried out the stunt in more than one of the flight’s restrooms before taking his shirt off and trying to clog a toilet.

Although the plane was met by both FBI and airport authorities after landing in Anchorage, the man was not charged with a crime. The passenger was taken by police to a local hospital for a psych evaluation. The flyer was reportedly cooperative with the flight crew and remained seated after his bathroom escapades were stopped.

The trip got even worse for the rest of the flyers after their poop-covered plane was grounded overnight for maintenance workers to clean it.