CBS Local — According to a new study, your next flight will likely have a lot more room on the left side of the plane. Researchers claim that people have a natural tendency to move to the right when choosing where they want to sit.

The experiment, carried out by Edinburgh University in Scotland, found that travelers overwhelmingly prefer to sit on a plane’s right side regardless of how the seat chart or plane diagram is presented to them.

“The result clearly showed that the orientation of the plane made no difference to the preference,” Professor Sergio Della Sala said, via the BBC.

“The research shows that people’s preference as to which side they sit on in an aeroplane is dictated by our mind’s rightward bias in representing the real world,” lead researcher Dr. Stephen Darling of Queen Margaret University added.

The test studied 32 flyers between the ages of 21 and 31-years-old who were all right-handed. While the Dec. 20 paper showed the brain’s clear preference to veer to the right, it’s not known how the passenger’s “right choice” would have changed if they were confronted with a bothersome seatmate or crying baby next to them.