By Angela Musallam

SUISUN CITY (CBS13) — Stopping bullying in its tracks: A young girl from Suisun City is on a mission to do just that.

She was bullied herself for having a disability, but now she’s turning around to help others. The 11-year-old has raised more than $500 in donations to help bullied children.

“You should never tease someone about something they can’t help,” said Ani Kinsey.

Ani has Tourette’s Syndrome – a disability where she has involuntary body movements, known as tics. She was bullied for her disability, most recently during a talent show at school.

“He just starts to mimic my coughing and my Tourette’s. It just ruined me,” Ani said.

Determined to make a change, she launched an online campaign to raise money and help other kids who are being bullied.

Ani has touched more than 40 bullied children over the past month with gift cards. Each card with a special message printed on top.

“One of them said ‘one of a kind,’ ’cause they can’t be replaced. Another one said ‘celebrate,’ because they have to celebrate who they are,” Ani added.

She also empowers them with “strips of strength,” stickers which accompany the gift card displaying a positive message.

“I just do this because when kids are getting bullied, it breaks my heart — when we do this it just lifts their spirits and makes me happy,” Ani said.

Ani doesn’t just want to help bullied children, she wants them to know they have a friend for life.

Earlier this month, Ani surprised a young girl she met through the campaign for her birthday.

“She was so happy and she couldn’t stop talking about what she got and what was on the card. It just brought her to tears,” Ani exclaimed.

Tears of joy and relief from children who no longer feel alone, thanks to a special little girl with a big heart – and an even bigger commitment.

“Life is a precious thing, once you’re gone you’re gone, you’re never coming back so I wanna save as many kids as possible.”

Ani says she hopes to keep collecting donations to send to bullied children across the country for years to come.

The Center For Disease Control estimates about 4,400 children commit suicide each year because of bullying.


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