By Kelly Ryan

LOOMIS (CBS13) — Three teens from a Loomis group home accused of a vicious assault on their caregiver eluded police twice on Thursday.

The truck the teens are accused of stealing was spotted twice by the California Highway Patrol, but both times, they managed to get away.

It started with a 911 call in Loomis on Tuesday morning after three teens brutally attacked a caregiver, severed his finger and left in his truck. Placer County Sheriff’s deputies found the victim, a man in his 20s, after the attack.

“Three of the residents of the home had attacked him; he had tried to escape. They were able to stop him, drag him back into the residence and continue the assault,” said sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Andrew Scott.

The man is recovering from serious injuries that aren’t life-threatening but include a severed finger.

The suspects also took some of his items and his truck. That truck was spotted in two Bay Area counties

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department first located the stolen vehicle on Thursday morning and gave chase. That chase, as well as one later in Salinas, was called off because of high speed, erratic driving and a concern for public safety.

Felony arrest warrants are out for these three teens:

  • Jeremiah Thyne, Hispanic, standing 5’6″ and weighing 120 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and a tattoo of four dots on his elbow.
  • Nathan James Rust, Native American, standing 5’10” and weighing 175 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Julian Cristian Mercado, Hispanic, standing 5’4″ and weighing 130 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. He has several tattoos including Chinese writing on his neck, a teardrop tattoo on his face, four dots on his hand, and the name Karrie on his right inner arm.
rust thyne mercado Teens Accused Of Attacking Loomis Caregiver Elude Police Twice

Nathan Rust, Jeremiah Thyne and Julian Christian Mercado (l-r) (Credit: Placer County Sheriff’s Dept.)

The Loomis group home is run by Koinonia Family Services, Inc., which says it’s a highly supervised but unlocked facility. The treatment center provides help for substance abuse and mental health.

“It’s a sad day. We’ve been doing this for 31 years and this is our first incident of this caliber,” said administrator Bill Ryland. “We pride ourselves in helping teens reach a healthy quality of life.”

Comments (24)
  1. Robert Burke says:

    shoot to kill.problem solved.

    1. Clegg Jensen says:

      No doubt. Most power-hungry political party since the original Nazis.

  2. ameribear says:

    I bet the court appointed attorney will advise them to claim sexual abuse by the now maimed “caregiver”. They’ll try to hang the jury. Proper punishment should be slave labor camp until full restitution of $150K is collected from each of these 3 junior dirtbags.

  3. Tim Morgan says:

    Apparently none of the suspects are white, hence the need to refer to them as ‘teens’. We must therefore assume that they were, in fact, Irish boys. MSM is about as predictable as a second coat of paint. (sigh)

  4. Rob Bennett says:

    There used to be a TEEN PRISON in IONE, CA. This should be re-opened and these little BASTAR*S imprisoned there. RE-HAB in a cooperate group home is a joke. No more than a money making operation.

  5. Imagine them as adults. Dispose of them NOW using extreme prejudice.

  6. Paul King says:

    The word “teens” in a news story today means OTW………..other than white.

  7. CNN, MSNBC news flash #1: Three White guys sever Black man’s hand….say sheet-hole like Trump!
    CNN, MSNBC news flash #2: Three teens strike back in anger over Trump calling them all sheet-holes.

  8. Trent Truby says:

    The caption of this story reads that the teens eluded the police twice, yet, in the article is states that the police were told to discontinue the pursuits for safety reasons. Big difference. In our overly politically correct society let’s let all resisting offenders escape for fear of someone being harmed in the process. Hopefully, the next innocent victim these sh*theads come across will be a family member of one of those idiots that institute these policies.

  9. Mike Arvand says:

    illegals that need to be thrown over the wall. and one stereotypical drunken indian permanent welfare case.

  10. John Oakman says:

    Of course–you didn’t even have to look.

  11. Paul Roberts says:

    All three of the youths probably have significant mental issues which will probably save them from being jailed. The problem with these kinds of dangerous teens is there is no consequence for their actions. State laws in many States protect these individuals from being abused yet offer the “Caregivers” little protection or no protections against verbal, mental abuse and physical abuse.. The youths need to be jailed, discipline in some fashion so they learn that they are not able to literally get away with violating the law or even murder. Even in the school district there is no recourse after being beat up in an attack.

  12. Young people from some shi* hole, no doubt

    1. And if they stay here long enough, they’ll help turn the US into a sh!thole, too.

  13. Steve Hollar says:

    Hopefully they crash the truck and all burn to death. End of problem.

  14. You people are overlooking the more important part of this article. This news story is much more significant than just another news story about some delinquents stealing a car. They cut off his finger. Why? It’s because they needed it to get into his car. His car was protected by a fingerprint-activated electronic lock, instead of a standard mechanical-key lock. And all car manufacturers are moving in this direction. They are moving toward using fingerprints and other biometric scans for their locks. And if we patriots don’t do something to STOP these companies from moving in this direction, this man’s fate could happen to ALL of us. I would rather simply lose my car, than end up with a permanently disfiguring injury. However, car companies don’t care about us, the “little people”. They only care about their bottom line, embracing the latest technology that they can to install in their cars. They must be stopped. We “little people” must show these big overbloated companies a thing or two about how we feel about their stupid technology “improvements”. It’s time we do something. It’s time we fight back against major car companies.

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