By Macy Jenkins

COLUSA (CBS13) — Karen Garcia was found dead on Sunday nearly a week after her family reported her missing.

Her ex-boyfriend, Salvador Garcia, Jr., sat down for an interview with CBS13 four days earlier, saying he was committed to finding her.

“I’m just trying my best to stay strong,” he told CBS 13 on Wednesday. “I tried calling her, sent her a message to let her know that her mom was worried, no reply.”

Now, five days after his emotional interview, Colusa Police are searching for Salvador and suspect he’s responsible for Karen Garcia’s murder.

RAW VIDEO: Interview With Suspect In Homicide Of Missing Woman Found Dead In Woodland

Karen was last seen on Jan. 8 leaving the Colusa apartment she shared with Salvador and their 2-year-old daughter, Avianna. On Saturday, officers with Colusa Police Department searched the Oak Street apartment. Inside, they found blood, indicating foul play.

The next day, the Department of Justice found traces of blood in Salvador’s car.

At around 3:45 p.m. on Sunday, Karen’s body was found in her blue Honda in the parking lot of a Marshall’s in Woodland.

“It looked like an upscale enough car that no one was just going to leave it there,” said Troy Parrish, who saw the car on Friday.

Colusa Police are now scouring through surveillance video from Woodland to find any leads on where Salvador might be hiding.

Adrianna Floriano lives near the Garcia family and told CBS13 she can’t believe Salvador is a suspect.

“Yeah, it’s terrible,” she said. “He went to the school with my son and was like a good boy!”

“I want to know why!” said JoAnne Burnett, who lives in Williams. “Why did she deserve this? She’s only 21 years old, she has a child that’s 2 years old; she has a life to live; she has a mother that needs her, and it’s not fair!”

“I know she feels pretty bad,” Floriano said.

The Garcia family held a viewing Monday night for their other daughter 19-year-old Jessica Garcia, who was killed in a collision in Woodland on Jan. 7. A funeral service is planned for Jessica Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock the Church of Annunciation in Williams.


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