By Carlos Correa

MODESTO – A family in Modesto is still shaken up after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a police officer who was assisting the California High Patrol during a pursuit.

It all unfolded right in front of the family’s yard, just feet away from two sleeping children.

Sabrina Rodriguez was getting ready to turn in for the night when all of a sudden her house started to shake.

“It was just like a big ‘ol boom. Like, it was just loud. I got out of my bed. My kids got out of their bed and we all just bunched up like a crowd all at the same time,” said Rodriguez.

On the other side of the wall was a Modesto police squad car that was hit by a suspected drunk driver. The injured officer was Juan Arroyo who has been with the department for five years.

“It’s heartbreaking for the family involved and for our officers as well. It’s hard to see one of our own out there, injured in this capacity,” said Heather Graves, Modesto Police Department.

At about 1 a.m. on Tuesday, Arroyo moved into the area of Yosemite and Santa Ana to assist CHP officers who were in pursuit of Nazario Castillo, 25. Investigators say Castillo was driving the wrong way on state route 132.

“Two pieces of metal hitting together is kind of scary. It was high speed, and they came from that street right there, and it was pretty bad,” said neighbor, Ron Doze.

Officer Arroyo was westbound on Yosemite and Castillo was driving northbound on Santa Ana. Police say the suspect ran a stop sign and broadsided the officer.

“The little girls were kind of crying, and upset and now they are afraid of staying in their room because you know they are afraid it could happen again,” said Cynthia Rodriguez, who owns the property.

The family is staying with their landlord until repairs to the home are made. Arroyo is in serious condition, but stable and the suspect was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.


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