By Christopher Millard

You know? I’ve lived a lot of places. From the right coat to the left coast and the middle, but I have never seen a city as into brunch as I have in Sacramento. It’s serious business in these parts, and Sacto’s restaurants rise to the occasion. But let’s face it, not all of them are watching out for your health. There’s plenty of bacon and butter out there, and though it’s fantastic, sometimes we want to feel . . . lighter. In this list you’ll find nothing but organic, locally sourced breakfast spots, and even a few excellent ambiance spaces to go with your meal. So, go forth, and explore Sacramento’s healthiest breakfast eateries.

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3440 C St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 442-7370

Hey, these guys only do breakfast, so you know it’s good.The also mind your health, priding themselves providing low sodium and low sodium options. On top of that, Orphan is good for the soul, mixing in old, comfortable classic dishes. Latin flavors meet Asian flavors to add to orphan’s uniqueness. Grab a big stack of “naked” cakes. Pair it with one of their premium teas or some Italian drip coffee.

Pushkins Restaurant
1813 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95811

Not to be confused with the bakery (though it’s the same, only bigger), the restaurant goes full scales, providing gluten free, all organic meals.Drawing inspiration from Sac Town itself, Pushkins even offers a vegan menu to cover all the health conscious bases. Grab some veggie quinoa, a Moroccan Scramble breakfast bowl. Farm fresh eggs and all organic ingredients has Pushkins high up on this list.

Vibe Health Bar
3515 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95817
Oak Park
(916) 382-9723

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Vibe looks like a straight juice bar, until you see their menu. All non-gmo and organic, Vibe is perfect from people on the go, or for a sit down meal. In fact, Vibe’s ethos is “to help busy people achieve vibrant health and wellbeing by consuming the highest quality foods.” It’s a lofty, yet simple goal. Whether you’re looking for a probiotic boost in your morning shake, or avocado toast, vibe has any combo your heart, gut and taste buds desire.

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Wild Flour Cafe
1430 14th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 930-0285

Alright, so name doesn’t scream gluten free, but for the wheat eaters, locally sourced, organic artisanal dishes await. An in house bakery uses all sustainable, organic ingredients to craft their fare, and they even make sausage – that’s right sausage. It’s an establishment that’s on par with any breakfast spot on this list. Enjoy locally produced eggs, mason jars of organic coffee, and some Three Twins Organic Ice Cream. It’s an intimate take on breakfast.

Veg Café
2431 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 448-8768

From the same people that brought Sacto Thai Basil, comes the Veg Cafe, and fancy that, it’s directly upstairs from Thai Basil. As you can probably guess, Veg Cafe utilizes spices and flavors from around the world. Vegan and Vegetarian, Veg Cafe’s ingredients are locally source and organic. Their produce is seasonal, so the Veg Cafe menu is constantly in flux. But arguably the most fantastic part of this eatery is the dining space. Graced with windows overlooking J street, natural lighting creates a one of a kind ambiance.

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