SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A measure aimed at repealing a recently enacted law declaring California a sanctuary state has failed to make the November ballot.

The California Secretary of State’s office said the measure failed to gain the 365,880 signatures required. The deadline for signatures was on Jan. 3.

The measure called for a repeal of the state’s sanctuary state law that was enacted at the start of 2018.

The measure’s failure comes as reports are emerging of Immigration and Customs Enforcement leaders planning raids in San Francisco and the Bay Area in retaliation for the state enacting Senate Bill 54.

  1. K.C. Johnson says:

    DHS director and atty gen will have a new laws and draft to allowed federal agents to enforced and apprehended illegal aliens and violators such as governors and state atty general, senators congressman who aide and abate illegal aliens such as mayors of sanctuary city..celebrations will be here soon for law abiding citizen of the USA!!!

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