By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Immigration advocates are bracing for a sweeping raid by ICE agents across Northern California, targeting undocumented immigrants.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will target California for its “so-called” sanctuary state status in what could be the biggest enforcement operation yet under President Trump.

Sacramento’s B’nai Israel Synagogue now includes a dedicated space for undocumented immigrants seeking sanctuary from arrests by federal agents.

The congregation voted not to hide undocumented people, but to house them, hopeful federal agents would not raid a house of worship.

“As a Jewish community we have known what it means to be on the outside,” Rabbi Mona Alfi said.

Reports of a massive immigration raid, have Alfi fearful for undocumented families facing separation.

“This doesn’t feel like this is about the safety and security of our country,” Alfi said.

A report by the San Francisco Chronicle, describes an imminent ICE raid seeking to arrest 1500 undocumented people.

Those served with final deportation orders and those with criminal histories would be primary targets. An ICE spokesperson would not confirm or deny reports.

“We can’t speculate about future enforcement actions,” ICE spokesperson James Schwab said.

UC Davis Professor Holly Cooper says the massive size of the reported operation is especially unusual because it would require lots of space to detain the arrested and get them hearings.
She is advising undocumented people to prepare.

“If you do have a removal order you should talk to a lawyer immediately,” Cooper said.

In response to California’s so-called sanctuary state status.
ICE acting director Thomas Homan appeared on Fox News earlier this month promising more enforcement action in California.

“We are going to be all over the place, and we are going to enforce law without apology,” Homan said.

Now reports that an ICE action is imminent, in an operation aimed all over Northern California.

“This feels political,” Alfi said.

Comments (3)
  1. Jim Parker says:

    California’s sanctuary state is technically against federal law. The state is thus harboring criminals from the U.S. government.ICE agents have the right and duty to enforce immigration laws.With Californians fighting ICE it will bring up the question of what to do about it.Maybe if California suffered fines for harboring these individuals they would understand what they are doing to go against federal law.

  2. What do you do when an entire state (or its population) is against what the federal government is trying to do? Fine the state? Where does that authority come from? You can cut budgets and grants, but only a court can levy fines. Maybe lock up all Californians! In the meantime, deal with it…we’re a sanctuary state. We will not be bullied. And before you crow about the RULE OF LAW…explain to me how that works when the president is facing accusations of obstruction of justice.

  3. Jim Parker the State of California is not violating any law when their law enforcement is under orders not aid and assist federal law enforcement officers enforcing federal law.
    If they were under orders to resist the federal officers then that would be obstruction and against the law. So your argument is without water.

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