SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In the latest ad from President Trump he lets the words of Luis Bracamontes speak for themselves.

In a recent court appearance this past week, the accused cop killer says he regrets only killing two police officers back in October of 2014. President Trump is airing the ad to make a push for support and completion of his border wall.

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Funding for the wall, illegal immigration, and a solution for the “dreamers,” or DACA are at the center of the current government shutdown.

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Democratic US Representative John Garamendi from Sacramento spoke with CBS 13 from Washington Sunday night, responding to the President’s ad.

“The President’s most recent advertising is clearly not helpful. It just puts a lot more heat into this when we really need to cool it off,” Garamendi said.

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Rep. Garamendi says the wall isn’t the main issue as Senate Democrats have already agreed to support some of its funding. DACA he says is what needs an immediate solution.

“I’ve been working with some very conservative members of the house as well as some very outspoken advocates for DACA to try to find the middle ground. I think it’s possible,” he said.

White House Director of Legislative Affairs, Marc Short, appeared on Meet The Press Sunday, defending President Trump’s ad.

“Let me talk about the basis of that ad. Today we have over 2,500 people on a terror watch list trying to get into our country each and every year. That’s about seven per day, Chuck, that are being apprehended or turned away. We want to solve the problem of immigration coming in and the threat that it poses to our country,” Short said.

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Rep. Garamendi says he realizes the people of California are frustrated with the government shutdown but says lawmakers are making progress. He says the Senate is expected to take up a vote at around 10 a.m. Monday.