CBS Local — As accidental poisoning cases from the “Tide Pod Challenge” continue to skyrocket in 2018, the maker of the laundry detergent pouches is fighting back against the perception their product is dangerous. The company’s CEO also decided to hit back at the youngsters recording themselves eating the poisonous cleaners and may have questioned their intelligence for taking part in the stunt in the process.

In a Jan. 22 blog post, Proctor & Gamble CEO David Taylor called out teens and young adults who are using the pods in their ill-advised videos.

“Ensuring the safety of the people who use our products is fundamental to everything we do at P&G,” Taylor wrote. “However, even the most stringent standards and protocols, labels and warnings can’t prevent intentional abuse fueled by poor judgment and the desire for popularity.”

The maker of Tide added that it was working with its business partners to discourage the “Tide Pod Challenge” trend. Tide has also started its own awareness campaign on YouTube to denounce the dangerous fad even further. New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski sums up the company’s thoughts on the challenge by asking viewers, “what the heck is going on people?”

Mr. Taylor added that the only fool-proof way to end the Tide Pod craze was for family and friends to intervene before kids accidentally poison themselves. “Let’s all take a moment to talk with the young people in our lives and let them know that their life and health matter more than clicks, views and likes,” the CEO concluded.