By Carlos Correa

TURLOCK (CBS13) — About 100 people gathered in downtown Turlock to fight against racism and bigotry after signs started popping all over town.

It’s a battle that started last fall on the campus of Stanislaus State. Stickers on stop signs, utility poles, and even flyers are being passed out on the campus of Stanislaus State on a daily basis.

Leaders with the Coalition Against Hate say the negative messages were posted by white supremacy groups. It prompted the university to take swift action to remove the material.

CSUS president Ellen June said in November the posters and stickers did not comply with the school’s posting and university policies.

Turlock city leaders adopted a resolution against hate crimes and promoted acceptance against all groups.

They also promised to send educational material to all households and beef up police presence around the community.

Group leaders say that hasn’t happened yet.

“I agree that people get to have a right to have their opinion, and if its hate, then that’s fine. But what I want is acknowledgment from our city council, our school, our police department, acknowledgment that there is racism still happening, it’s life and well in Turlock,” said Patricia Ashman who lives in Turlock.

The group is scheduled to speak at the Turlock City Council meeting Tuesday night. Members of the coalition hope city leaders will hear them out and take some action.


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