By Angela Greenwood

UC DAVIS (CBS13) — Shedding light on issues of sexual assault on campus, dozens gathered on Tuesday night at UC Davis to prevent sexual assault crimes and to make the campus a safer place for students.

It was part of the 15th annual Lighting Safety Walk making sure every part of campus is well-lit.

When the sun goes down over UC Davis, it gets dark fast.

“Especially in the winter time it’s like pitch black,” said university police cadet Austin Adams.

While most of the campus is lined with bright lights, in some areas lights are burnt out.

It can be scary, especially for students who have night classes, and even more so for females.

University student Brianna Tuomi said, “Walking late at night is sometimes frightening and definitely makes me feels unsafe.”

That’s why Tuomi is stepping in, along with other students, university police cadets, and facility staff, scouring the campus during the Lighting Safety Walk. Their goal is to find bulbs that are out and identify areas that need more light. The issues are then noted and turned into the UC Davis Facilities Department to be fixed.

“If people can see you, you’re less likely to commit crimes,” said Adams.

UC Davis has been holding the walk for years but says with allegations of sexual assault coming to light on campus and across the country, it’s as important as ever to make students feel as safe as possible.

“We want students to know that we do care about this issue,” said UC Davis spokesperson Andy Fell.


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