By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Potential buyers now have the chance to see a home from all angles with 360-degree views from any laptop or smartphone.

Some realtors say it cuts down on showings and could help them sell homes more quickly, while others say the higher cost is a factor that might not be embraced by everyone.

“I thought, let’s pull out all the stops,” said realtor Katie Baxendale.

Baxendale has hired a team to help her market this Natomas home and she’s using the latest in technology to do it. She’s got her drone photographer for outdoor shots and for the first time she’s using something called Matterport Technology to take care of the inside.

“We have the millennial group who is now at the age where they are first-time home buyers and many of them are shopping this way,” Baxendale said.

She’s talking about technology that gives interested buyers a 3D tour from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

“A 3D virtual tour allows you to go upstairs, downstairs, look inside closets, get a 360-degree look at every room, which you can’t get with a high-resolution photo,” Baxendale said.

Jonathan Batchelor is the owner of Virtual Viewpoint, Inc.

“This is a Matterport camera, it uses infrared scanners to measure the room and then it creates a model based off those measurements,” Batchelor said.

Katie thinks the 3D tour will attract more buyers and save time on showings, opening up the home to those who are truly interested.

But she admits the technology isn’t right for all real estate professionals.

“I think there is a little resistance,” Baxendale said.

Katie had to pay about twice as much for still photographs, but she says it actually gives her more bang for her buck.

Some realtors who have preferred traditional photography in the past think it could be helpful on a case by case basis.

“You still can’t replace the touch it, feel it, walking through dealing with the agent experience, but I think it’s going to be a great tool to use,” said Lisa Barrier with Lyon Real Estate.

Katie’s optimistic and confident she will find a buyer soon. And even though she’s embracing the technology, she doesn’t believe it will be putting real estate agents out of business anytime soon.

“I still think that people want to deal with people. We still need human handling,” Baxendale said.


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