ARBUCKLE (CBS13) – Authorities have identified the two women whose bodies were found in an Arbuckle almond orchard on Thursday.

Colusa County Sheriff Lt. Mark Contreras says deputies first learned about the scene from a phone call early on Thursday. The caller claimed to have been on the property and described a suspicious scene, including bloody walls in a residence and two missing women.

A body was later discovered inside of a chest freezer in a bedroom at the property. The body has been identified as that of 39-year-old Kimberly Lynn Taylor.

ehrke in court Bodies Found In Arbuckle Freezer, Pond Identified As Women Age 25, 39

Suspect Martin Christian Ehrke in court being arraigned on double homicide charges on Friday.

Deputies later searched a large pond at the property and discovered a woman’s body submerged. Divers were able to recover the body; it has been identified as that of 25-year-old Jessica Lyn Mazak.

Colusa County Sheriff Lt. Mark Contreras said on Thursday both women were likely murdered within 24 hours of their bodies being found.

Martin Christian Ehrke, a 49-year-old resident at the property, was arrested on suspicion of double homicide.

Detectives say Ehrke had paid a visit to the Colusa Medical Center the day before for an unknown reason a day before the bodies were found.

Ehrke is being held at Colusa County Jail and was arraigned on two counts of first-degree murder on Friday. No bail was set.


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