By Macy Jenkins

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Popular coffee shop Dutch Bros just opened a new location in Vacaville. But just nine days after opening up, drivers say it’s causing quite the traffic jam at Peabody and Elmira roads.

“They were just getting more business than they could turn out coffee, apparently,” said Jason Kopf.

The new location is a block away from Interstate 80 on a busy corner in Vacaville. Some say it’s causing a traffic nightmare but some loyal coffee drinkers say it’s worth the wait.

“I like their blended coffee,” Kopf said. “It tastes good!”

For 13-year-old Kelsey Wall, getting her favorite drink used to mean a long ride to Fairfield.

“I love being here,” she said. “I don’t know it’s just like fun!”

But even with the new shop now open in Vacaville, these coffee lovers still have a wait ahead.

“Traffic was insane,” said Blanca Munnell, who sat in traffic on Thursday waiting to get a drink. “It literally went all the way around Peabody Street, all the way past the post office.”

Kopf got caught in the line of cars on his way home from work Thursday evening.

“Part of me was getting frustrated because it’s 20 minutes I could have spent with my family but the other part of my likes Dutch Brothers so I was trying to understand,” he said.

Some residents had similar complaints about Walmart on Alamo Drive after it opened back in 2016. Before that, it sat as a vacant old grocery store for a decade. But the city said after an adjustment period it’s now a thriving business in the community.

“Internally, we’re having discussions about what we can do, if anything, at that intersection,” said Mark Mazzaferro, a spokesperson for the city of Vacaville.

He said that could mean implementing some traffic-calming techniques. But just a day after the grand-opening celebration, the city wants to hold off for now.

“They’ve been open a week and a half,” Mazzaferro said. “I’d like to give them at least a couple months before we really see what’s happening over there.”

“Personally, I’m going to start taking another exit and avoiding it,” Kopf said. “I think once the hype wears off, it’ll die down and it’ll return to somewhat normal.”

A Dutch Bros spokesperson said the company expects more traffic on grand opening days but believes things should settle down soon. However, if the traffic problem persists, management is willing to work with the city to find a solution.


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