SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento has its first confirmed case of the dog flu.

Two new strains of the “dog flu” have hit California with 72 cases. Most of those are in the Bay Area.

Veterinarians say the symptoms include sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite and fever – very much like the human flu.

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MISSION CRITICAL!!!!! Dog owners, please heed this warning: the deadly canine flu is in Sacramento with the first case confirmed TODAY. Dr Kelly Byam of @abelpetclinic in EG says NorCal has seen 140+ confirmed cases in the last month. Your dog is at risk of contracting and spreading this extremely contagious & deadly illness if: your dog plays at dog parks, visits doggie day care, participates in agility/dog training, visits brick and mortar groomers, is sociable with other dogs, or is part of a dog walking group. If this describes your four legged family member, PLEASE do not delay in scheduling the canine flu vaccination which also requires a booster. 🐾 💜 Awareness will save lives.

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“This isn’t just a simple kennel cough. It is a respiratory virus,” said Kelly Byam with the Abel Pet Clinic in Elk Grove.

The virus can be fatal, vets warn.

“It could be deadly. That’s why it is important that these dogs that go get their protective vaccination,” Byam said.

Vets are recommending pet owners vaccinate their dogs to protect against the flu.


  1. Most of those are in the Bay Area. Gforce Green Electric Solutions Sacramento

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