By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Serenity along the Sacramento River was shattered earlier this month by a senseless case of animal cruelty.

A dead puppy was hung from a tree along the shoreline. It was found beaten and shot with BBs.

“My guess it is someone that lives in that very neighborhood,” said Gina Knepp, Front Street Animal Control Shelter manager.

Animal control officers are going door to door in the area of Little Pocket and handing out flyers and looking for leads.

“There was an incident out on the levee where a puppy was beaten to death,” an officer told a resident.

“Oh, I heard about that,” the woman quickly responded after seeing it on her NextDoor App.

Nearby homeowners and pet owners are concerned the crime could happen again in this peaceful riverside neighborhood.

“Concerning, very concerning. Someone who is going to do something so heinous, what else are they capable of?” said Darcy Crouse who just moved in.

It’s exactly what motivates these officers to catch whoever did this.

“We see a correlation with domestic violence and animal abuse, elder abuse. Is that a concern for us, of course, it is. It’s concerning for the police and for the district attorney’s office,” said Knepp.

The crime so serious that the reward is now more than $12,000, and growing.

“This is not a joke, it is very serious and someone is going to jail,” Knepp said.

Officers are relying heavily on the community to come forward.

“That’s how we are going to crack this case. Someone is going to tell us what happened,” she added.

Animal control officials say if caught, the suspect faces felony charges and could be sentenced to some serious jail time.

If you have any information about this case, you’re asked to contact the Sacramento Police Department.

Comments (5)
  1. Likely there is a very ill individual out there. Such behavior often progresses to similar action towards humans. I think it is imperative to find out who did this,and forestall progression.

  2. Vox Veritas says:

    Was it cleaned, dressed, and ready to eat? If so, just wait for Obama to return and finish his meal.

  3. In ancient times, murderers and traitors where drawn and quartered, a execution by near strangulation , disembowelment and pulling the limbs from the victim finished off by decapitation .
    Today reserve this punishment for innocent human babies that are nearing birth into this world and now innocent puppies.
    Those who do these deeds had best be certain their is no God.

  4. swimologist says:

    Forget sending the person to jail… Draw and quarter like commenter said above.

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