SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Immigration agents raided dozens of businesses this week in Northern California.

The raids on 77 companies, including some here in Sacramento, happened Monday through Wednesday.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents demanded proof that employees are in the country legally and is giving them three working days to comply.

“I think these ICE raids are targeted at California companies in particular because we’re a blue state,” said Rep. Jackie Speier, (D) San Mateo. I hate to say that. But I think there is a fair amount of penalty we’re paying. And the president wants to make an example of California.”

The Immigrant Worker Protection Act, which took effect last month, aims to prevent all workers – regardless of immigration status – from being detained at workplaces.

The state attorney general says officials plan to guide employers on the act in the future.

Comments (2)
  1. they are targeting california because california won’t comply with federal law and ignores federal requests. actions have consequences

  2. Dean Fuller says:

    They’re not raids, morons. They’re audits, with 3 days notice given. How can a raid have 3 days notice?

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