By Steve Large

AUBURN (CBS13) — A coyote with its head caught inside a container is safe now, and its head is free from a jar for the first time in more than a week.

Volunteers located the coyote and rescued it Monday after a week of searching.

The coyote is recovering at Gold Country Animal Rescue in Auburn.

A new picture shows the coyote staring straight into a camera lens, after days dodging help.

Video taken last week shows the coyote with its head stuck inside the container, left wandering through the El Dorado County hills. The unusual sight led to a growing group of volunteers searching to save her.

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“Well I’ve never tackled a coyote before,” Luis Escobar said.

Escobar was one of those volunteers.

“It was just amazing,” Escobar said. “Everybody was there, and everybody was ready and responded correctly. When I grabbed it, and I held it, it felt really bony like a cat; it was definitely hungry, and scared and probably in shock.”

Video shows the effort to get the wild animal inside the crate, suffering, but still snarling through the see-through plastic stuck on her head.

Rescue crews later clipped the container off. It looks like a jumbo-sized jar that held some type of snack.

“Her head was right in here,” Gold Country Animal Rescue Board President Sallysue Stein said. “And you can see this is probably pieces of her skin.”

A days-long effort by volunteers searching to save a creature from pain.

“I’m sure she’s happy to be done with her bonnet,” Stein said.

Now the search is over, and this coyote will be OK.

“You’re seeing an animal suffering, and if you can help it, why not,” Escobar said.

That coyote was first spotted by a runner along Highway 193. She alerted a group of volunteers in the area who were able to corral it.


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