SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The trial of confessed cop killer Luis Bracamontes is winding down.

Closing arguments have begun for Bracamontes’ wife Janelle Monroy. She took the stand on Monday against her husband.

Bracamontes went on a crime spree in 2014 that ended in the deaths of two deputies. Monroy faces charges in one of the deputy’s deaths and aiding and abetting her husband.

The prosecution is laying out arguments that Monroy was not a hostage but a willing participant in the incident. New video revealed at the trial allegedly shows Bracamontes and Monroy acting in a loving manner during the crime spree.

Bracamontes was not in the courtroom on Wednesday. Earlier in the trial, Bracamontes was kicked out of court for several outbursts.

The case has garnered national attention, with the words of Bracamontes’ outbursts being used in a recent attack ad from President Donald Trump.

Closing arguments for Bracamontes’ portion of the trial are expected tomorrow.


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