SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Detectives are looking for the man who set up a camera inside of a local business.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says, back in October, a small camera was found hidden inside of a bathroom at an undisclosed business in the county. The suspect hid the camera under a sink and pointed it to record a urinal and toilet.

A forensic exam of the SD card uncovered photos of the person detectives believe to be the suspect.

Photos of the suspect released by detectives. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff's Department)

Photos of the suspect released by detectives. (Credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department)

Detectives say the camera actually recorded the suspect putting the camera in place, then later coming back and moving the camera to another bathroom at the business.

Surveillance cameras at the business also took pictures of the suspect.

Investigators are now asking the public’s help in identifying the suspect. Anyone who recognizes him or knows who he might be is asked to contact detectives at (916) 874-5115.

  1. Ginny Foos says:

    As a reminder, it is extremely inappropriate and actionable for the sheriff’s department to withhold the time and location as it protects the suspect from the victims; and, in fact, denies victims from knowing if they are a victim at all. Mr Jones clearly has a warped understanding of victims rights and basic morality.

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