SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP/CBS13) — Sacramento City Unified School District is investigating the display of a controversial science fair project that some students, parents and staff say is racially insensitive.

The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday that the project by a Sacramento high school student, titled “Race and IQ,” questioned whether certain races lack the intelligence for the academically challenging coursework in the school’s magnet program.

The project was on view with others Monday as part of an annual science fair but was removed Wednesday after complaints.

C.K. McClatchy High School Principal Peter Lambert sent an email Thursday to parents saying that the school is taking the incident seriously and implementing appropriate measures to provide an inclusive environment.

Sac City Unified released a statement addressing the project:

“Sacramento City Unified School District promotes and embraces diversity, equity and inclusion. We are taking this situation very seriously and are actively reviewing the facts pertaining to this matter carefully. We will implement all appropriate measures to continue providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students and staff.”


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  1. As a matter og scientific rigor and discipline, it’s perfectly fine to QUESTION whether certain races lack the intelligence for academically challenging coursework, but it is a complete failure of scientific rigor and discipline to merely ask. One must present EVIDENCE to support the hypothesis.

    I would not have removed the science fair project. I simply would have given it an F for failing to understand the basics of the scientific method.

    1. You didn’t do the research and learn that the student DID conduct online IQ tests on fellow students, with the results showing that blacks, hispanics and south Asians did not do as well as whites and north Asians. I’m giving you an F.

      1. Say’s the budding Rocket Scientist who somehow missed the lesson about correlation not implying causation. Mouth breathe much?

      2. Tina Hugh says:

        That would be SouthEAST Asians (Philippines, Thailand, etc.) not South Asians (India). Bit of a difference; well, more like a difference of a billion plus peeps. Also, online IQ tests? SMH. If you want to feel racially superior, just feel it. Your seeking validation from a high school student’s science project is making me sad.

      3. Paul Loucks says:

        modern DNA studies find the gene connected to skin color to not influence any other gene. Better look at poverty, nutrition and pre-natal care as causation rather than argue with reality and science or you get an F.

  2. It is a high school project in a local area with a very small local populations and we all know how high school project goes. Some people can take pride or pain with the outcome of this project, but ambition and effort of an individual determine his/her IQ regardless of color or race. NO one finished at the top without a lot of efforts, sacrifices and supports.

  3. Tina Hugh says:

    ‘Racially insensitive’? How about ‘scientifically invalid.’

    The kid used online IQ tests, for Heaven’s sake. Even properly-administered IQ tests are controversial and, in any case, a population’s average IQ says nothing about the IQ of an individual group member.

    I’d rather have the kid’s project be critiqued just like any other project. Rejecting the project because it’s insensitive is the opposite of science. It’s also deceptive since it leaves the impression that whites have the highest average IQ, when in fact, they don’t.

  4. Dil Do says:

    I think people are too sensitive today. I don’t see a problem if someone research and found that certain races have a better/higher IQ than others. This is a fact of life. Denying it is like denying that people actually have color, but color exist. Denying it is like denying that black people dominate the world of sports and singing. There is no question they’re good at those type of activities, so why deny it? So if don’t see much Asians in the sports world such as basketball, am I to say that they’re being discriminated? Not allow to enter? Not at all, they’re just not good at it. I don’t need to go around and cry about it. Similarly, if some races are just not smart enough academically, why cry about it? Because you happened to be one of the races they label? And therefore you feel discriminated? But understand when they talk about race, it doesn’t necessarily mean it involves everyone in that particular group. They’re simply speaking strictly from a majority sample, not the entire race. The prove is in the statistics.

    Now if a school deny a certain race because they’re too smart and too many of them entering the college, then that is discriminating with a capital D. Like certain college deny Asian entry because there are just too many of them…that’s like saying there is just too many black people in basketball, they need to allow equal amount of other races in order to diversify the portfolio, it’s a stupid concept. It’s like skills doesn’t matter anymore, let other races join in. So is the same with deny Asian from entering college because most of them are smart? Stop being too sensitive…you are what you are….you can’t deny the TRUTH.

  5. The data speaks for itself. Obviously some races are generally ‘smarter’ than others. Denying the numbers won’t improve the scores of those in the lower categories.

  6. Whether the results of hos project are valid or not, condemning the project simply on the basis of public opinion is what caused the Inquisition. It is what kept the world view of flat earthers alive. Only by questioning what everyone may believe is science able to advance truth and reality. If his project did not use valid scientific methods, then he should receive a low grade for it. If it did use scientific method accurately then he should receive a high grade. It is not about doing a popular project and coming to a popularly acceptable conclusion that should matter but the use of science accurately. We tell our children to question everything and then if they question something that is politically incorrect, we condemn and chastise them.

  7. Arne Yoga says:

    This shouldn’t really surprise anyone.
    Not the phony scientific “research”, which like any cherry-picked statistics are worse than damn lies as Mark Twain stated so well, but that fascism is not going away in the US.
    Corporatocracies have always led to fascist states throughout history. America will be no exception. The fact that the majority of Americans don’t even know what a corporatocracy is, let alone that America has become one is evidence how clueless the raging gang members on all sides have become.
    Everyone now identifies him/herself with a specific demographic that has been wronged by others and seeks recourse. It seems almost every one of these groups on both sides of the establishment aisle would ideally implement their own fascist state if given enough rope.

  8. Dr.Shockley ,who was a Nobel prize winning electrical engineer due to his invention of the transitor, did this study connecting race to intelligence.He came to my law school peddling this theory so I challenged and debated him on his statistical analysis.Within a short period of time I exposed him for what he was, someone who saw what he wanted to see and ignored what was problematic with his study.The good doctor recently passed away but his work lingers in the minds of racists everywhere.

  9. ALL IQ tests for 50-100 years say the same. Critics have no contrary data, just excuses.
    Short Version:
    NE Asians (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea) – 106.
    Caucasians/Euros/’White’ – – – – 100
    ‘Hybrid Race’ American Black – 85
    sub-Saharan – – – – – – – – – – – — 70

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