STOCKTON (CBS13) – Several women are now coming forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior against a Stockton police officer.

That officer is already facing felony charges of improper contact with a teenage girl. He was arrested one week ago.

Officer Matthew Huff, 28, has been on the force for about five years. He was arrested by his own department earlier this month and has since been out on bail.

The San Joaquin County district attorney’s office charged him with communicating with a minor for a sexual offense.

Huff is the son of a Stockton detective and his brother is also a Stockton officer.

Chief Eric Jones has released a statement regarding the additional women speaking out against Huff, saying:

“I find the accused behavior absolutely abhorrent and this is exactly why he was arrested and both a criminal and ongoing administrative investigation are underway. The Stockton Police Department does not stand for such behavior.”

Huff is back in court later this month.

  1. Why is it that police officers who are supposed to help the community end up doing more harm than good?

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