By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A mother collapsed into tears at the Sacramento County courthouse on Wednesday.

“My sister feels like she’s losing two sons,” her sister Maria said.

Elizabeth Resendez says she didn’t see her 6-year-old son Anthony for months before he died. She says she gave his 22-year-old half brother, Miguel Uribe, temporary custody while she got back on her feet.

“One thing I know for sure is my son wouldn’t hurt his brother,” she said.

But detectives say he beat his little brother to death. They found the child unresponsive in the Sacramento apartment Uribe shared with his girlfriend.

He appeared before a judge, in shock, closing his eyes, tightening his face and looking down.

His girlfriend is accused of endangering the child’s life. A prosecutor told the court, she may face harsher charges.

“I’m just hoping we’ll have additional information from the pathologist on this case,” he said.

Anthony’s aunts say any bodily harm may have resulted from 6-year-old, himself. They claim the boy had a history of diagnosed mental issues that caused him to behave violently.

“He threw himself back a lot hit head on concrete my sister would have to hold him down to prevent him from hurting himself,” said Aunt Maria Resendez.

She says Uribe took care of his little brother. Often taking him to doctor’s appointments. All they can do now, they say, is wait for an autopsy report.

“We just really want to know what happened what happened,” another aunt said.

For now, relatives are making funeral arrangements. Meanwhile, Uribe is being held without bail. He and his girlfriend are expected to reappear in court next week.


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