By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – California State Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, a vocal leader of the #metoo movement, faces new allegations of misconduct.

A second formal complaint filed with the state claims she retaliated against a former employee after he questioned her behavior.

Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) remains on a leave of absence as the legislature investigates other allegations of misconduct against her.

Attorney Dan Gilleon says his client refused to play spin the bottle with his then boss, Assemblywoman Garcia. He claims, as a result, he paid a price.

“That’s when he felt as though his days were numbered and that he was being targeted. He was fired a few months but the reasons why employees wait. It’s because if they fire right away, it’s obvious,” he said.

In a complaint filed with the state, his client accuses the “me too” advocate of using “vulgar language, discussing topics inappropriate for the workplace, and showing herself to be “vindictive in nature.”

But Garcia’s former chief of staff says the former staffer’s complaints are totally false, telling the Sacramento Bee the staffer was warned for “not doing his job,” and “fired when his work did not improve.”

It’s the second formal accusation filed against Garcia.

Another former employee claims she groped him at a softball game.

And last week, the same attorney went public with claims from four anonymous men who worked for Garcia. Each accused the Assemblywoman of fostering an improper work environment, including talking to staff about sex and drinking alcohol on the job.

It’s a stunning twist to the sexual harassment scandal rocking the legislature.

Garcia formerly led the women’s caucus and appeared in Time magazine’s silence breaker’s person of the year coverage. She remains on a voluntary and unpaid leave of absence and denies all accusations.


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