ELK GROVE (CBS13) – A war was lost before it ever could begin, according to local historians who were hoping to fire up a mock battle.

The Elk Grove Historical Society planned a Revolutionary War reenactment for more than a year and has had similar events in the past, but it’s now forced to cancel the event because of local gun laws.

The group had already printed up flyers to market the mock battle, hoping to draw in 3,000 people for the two-day event at a regional park.

“We would have encampments and all kinds of entertainment for the kids to see,” said Jim Entrican, facilities manager for the group and president of the Native Son of the Golden West in Elk Grove.

Late last year the society was told by the park district that the show could not go on.

“I don’t know. It’s just frustrating, very frustrating,” he said.

The reenactment was to include firing black powder muskets as a part of the history lesson, but the group was told that’s against the rules.

According to a city law which says you cannot “Use, maintain, possess, fire, or discharge any firearm.”

“There’s no firing guns in a park, but there’s exceptions for each one of the ordinances,” which he adds the exceptions have been made in the past and can’t understand why no now.

“They actually asked us if we can use wooden sticks, and can you see 12 men in full regalia and another 12 charging with wooden sticks saying ‘Bang bang!’ It just doesn’t have the same effect,” he said.

Soldiers who perform the reenactment say the simulated gunfire is a crucial element to the historical accuracy and in all the years they’ve been performing the battles, no other city has ever denied them a permit to perform.

“History is important and we’re losing it,” he said.

So for now, this history lesson will have to wait until the rules can be changed.

“We’re taking it one step further and trying to change the ordinance,” he said, but that could take months.

The group is working with the city and park district to come up with a solution before its next event.

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  1. Jimmy Carter says:

    Gun control=people control!

  2. Paul Hacker says:

    Well what do you expect? They are afraid of their own shadows. That’s California. Sticks…. geeze how pathetic.

  3. Liberalism is a mental cancer.
    KILL the mental cancer.

  4. What idiot wrote the line “a city law which says you cannot “Use, maintain, possess, fire, or discharge any firearm.”????
    Is CBS13 attempting to lead their readers/viewers to believe this line AS WRITTEN is factual?
    Whatever happened to journalistic integrity?
    Whatever happened to proofreading?

    1. It probably means “in a city park”. Still seems rather overbroad. But who is the headline writer who thinks a Revolutionary War reenactment would include “rifles”?

  5. Matthew Dell says:

    The nanny state “protecting” us to the point that our rights are infringed. This needs to be challenged in federal court.

  6. I keep hearing Libbers claim the Second Amendment was intended to protect our right to keep and bear muskets. Well now….

  7. Gawd, let the Norks vaporize Kali, seriously. Can’t stand you effing socialist pigs anymore.

  8. Just borrow some weapons from the local gang members….while the law abiding, tax paying citizens are disarmed the local criminals will undoubtedly be well armed despite laws forbidding them. What a shocking reality check! POS criminals will always have weapons and the libs would gladly disarm every law abiding citizen with a wide grin on their faces.

  9. Craziness continues in California. It could have been Illinois, New York or Connecticut.

  10. Bill Asbell says:

    California is filled with mental midgets. They keep proving that again and again and again. As Dimrats they also hate the Founding era of this country because it preferred Freedom to Redistribution of other people’s wealth. The Founding Fathers weren’t Marxists and that angers the Leftwing Moonbats that run Calipornia.

  11. aki009 says:

    Nuts. Nuttier. California.

    That should explain everything.

  12. Arthur Dent says:

    Well, there actually IS a history lesson being taught here: it’s unfolding before your very eyes. SPOILERS: you can fast forward to see how it turns out by reviewing the other regimes around the world throughout history that have successfully disarmed their people; or, you can LEARN from history and avoid repeating it.

    Remember that old bumper sticker? “If GUNS are OUTLAWED, only OUTLAWS will have GUNS”?

    Time to revise it. “If GUNS are OUTLAWED, then I guess I’m gonna be an OUTLAW.”

  13. Professional Snowflakes sucking on the government teat.

  14. I guess these officials are of the opinion that the real gun battles in nearby Chicago, killing hundreds every year, are much better than a mock gun battle that teaches people something of value. Our elected officials are not the brightest bulbs in the box.

  15. OMFG get a grip, politicians. Can’t wait to see all of you voted out of office and hopefully off the island.

  16. Jason Brown says:

    California is such a joke. Go ahead an secede already, we won’t miss you or the 50+ communist hacks you send to DC to infect the rest of the nation with your Stalinist dream.

  17. Rick Blaine says:

    I’m surprised that there are any people left in Mexifornia that know anything about America’s 18th century War of Independence, let alone care about it.

  18. Ah, the cancer that is unrestrained liberalism. The greatest danger to the United States is the political left and their liberal lackeys!

  19. Pablo Rivera says:

    Why is Elk Grove, California governed by Ghey Panda Bears? :'(
    No respect for the 2nd Amdmt whatsoever! Our 4-fathers would be up in arms!!
    May the People of Elk Grove now move to North Korea!!!

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