FOLSOM (CBS13) – Some businesses around Sacramento and El Dorado County are under fire for supporting a local NRA fundraiser.

Two Folsom women say they saw an ad for the fundraiser online along with a list of sponsors and now they’re calling for people to boycotting those sponsors — all in an effort to get stricter gun laws.

Mosquito Creek Outfitters in Placerville is one of the businesses being targeted by the two moms for supporting the NRA. The owner says it’s not the NRA’s fault that guns are ending up in the wrong hands.

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“I am terrified every day that when I drop him off, it’ll be the last time I see him,” said Folsom mom and former school teacher Lindsay Melhaus.

She says she’s at her breaking point and that the recent shooting in Florida hit home pretty hard.

“I’ve had to lock down my classroom and tell my 17-year-old students if the shooter comes into our classrooms, we’re gonna pile the desks against the door. And if the shooter comes into our classroom we’re gonna hide underneath the cabinets,” she said.

Melhaus and another mom are banding together, hoping to tackle gun violence.

“As parents, we are calling on the community to not support the NRA,” said Melhaus.

The moms are boycotting local businesses around Sacramento and El Dorado counties who are sponsoring this year’s fundraiser in Placerville.

Melhaus says the NRA is blocking stricter gun laws from passing and allowing guns to end up in the wrong hands.

“We just want to see better, tighter, universal background checks,” she said.

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“The NRA is for stiffer background checks, we are for stiffer background checks,” said Don Rood, president of Mosquito Creek Outfitters, just one of several businesses being targeted by the two moms.

Although Rood supports the NRA, he says he also wants to see the government step up and conduct deeper background checks on gun buyers. Until then, Rood says his business shouldn’t have to suffer.

“It’s gonna hurt our business; we’re not gonna have our gun sales,” he said.

There are two opposing views, and two moms committed to doing what it takes to cap gun violence in classrooms across the nation.

“I’m done. I’m not willing to allow this to happen anymore,” said Melhaus.

The two women plan to send the businesses a letter explaining why they’re boycotting them. They say they hope this turns into a community-wide movement.

The fundraiser will be held at the Placer County Fairgrounds on April 7.

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  1. I agree with these two women. This country needs a massive change in it’s culture – no other developed country has issues like we do with mass shootings. Australia used to until they had a gun buy-back. No mass shootings since. Anything you can do, however small, to disrupt the system as it is is a step in the right direction. Thanks for speaking up, Ladies.

  2. Kevin Nelson says:

    I now want to go support any of the businesses on this list.

    1. Kerry Keel says:

      I have yet to hear any real connection between advocating gun ownership, and the misues of guns by anyone. This a emotional knee jerk reaction ton a situation caused by someone that used a weapon to kill 17 teenagers. That is as bad a reaction as believing that eating hamburgers forces someone to be fat. A greater threat to our kids is cell phone use, particularly texting. No one is saying much of anything about the THOUSANDS of kids killed every year by cell phone use. We do not need them, all of us as a nation got on quite well without them for may years. So, how does weapon ownership equate to mass murder? It is obvious that cell phones are a bigger threat. I guess it is okay for a kid to be killed while trying to text and drive. There are always more kids fior cell phone purchase.

  3. Carl Larson says:

    I disagree with the 2 women and think they should realize that the NRA is a separate entity to the nonprofit putting on this event. To boycott local businesses and a nonprofit only hurts the community. A good portion of the money raised goes to the Boy Scouts and The Explorers Program. Those groups pay the price. I appreciate their passion and am devastated by the most recent shooting, but this is the wrong road to go down.

    The Friends of NRA is a nonprofit, nonpolitical part of the NRA. The purpose of our annual event is to raise money to support community services related to shooting sports. Half the money raised at every Friends of NRA event goes to fund programs and projects within their own area. The other half goes to the NRA Foundation and is used to fund similar projects with a national scope. The NRA Foundation grants provide essential program funding that ensures the availability of quality training and educational opportunities nationwide. Grants benefit programs such as youth education, law enforcement training, hunter education, conservation, marksmanship training and much more.

  4. Carl Larson says:

    I’m with you Kevin Nelson!

  5. Pat Rogers says:

    Heidi, you’re a prime example of the ignorance of Americans. Learn your facts. Australia did not have an “issue with mass shootings.” They had a high-profile incident in which 35 people were killed. Then they spend over 500 million dollars on a gun buy back program ONLY for shotguns and semi-automatic rifles. Not handguns, not other guns. The buyback only removed 20% of the guns from the population – Australians still have 80% of their guns. The buyback has ZERO impact on the rate of gun related homicides and zero impact on the rate of gun related suicides. Yes, there was an overall declining trend in gun related homicides and suicides, but the RATE OF CHANGE remained exactly the same. In the years following the buyback, there was a sharp increase in the number of non-gun related suicides; one can postulate that this was due to the fact that PEOPLE WILL FIND A WAY even without guns. Since the ban, we see the same number and type of “mass” killings as we did prior to the gun ban. In other words, the gun ban did NOTHING.

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