By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Familiar water-saving rules may become reality in California as water officials once again grapple with signs of a new drought. So with such a dry winter, what’s in our future?

“When I see people with green lawns and the water running down sidewalks and down the gutter it’s obviously a waste,” said Courbet Anderson of Land Park.

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To avoid being that person, Courbet Anderson let her lawn go a couple years ago when the state first imposed drought regulations.

“I’m the brown lawn in the midst of sea of green,” she said.

But more Californians may soon find her approach to conservation to be the new normal.

“What going forward rain or shine is a waste of water?” said Water Resources Control Board Chair Felicia Marcus.

Water wasters: that’s who Felicia Marcus says she plans to target as her agency considers whether to reinstate those temporary water bans put in place during California’s historic four-year drought.

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Are we back in a drought?

“There are some areas of the state that may be in a drought in terms of their precipitation, but they get their water from different places they may have — ground, recycled, and imported water — but the whole state becomes in a state of drought,” said Marcus.

And if the water control board has its way, the whole state, regardless of who has more rain, will be under permanent water restrictions.

They may sound familiar:

  • No more watering outside 48 hours after it rains.
  • No more using a hose to wash sidewalks.
  • Even some water fountains may be banned.

Rules that may be enforced with a $500 fine.

“We don’t water the lawn,” said Anderson.

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If you’re not already doing so, state water officials suggest, you start saving every drop. The water board will come back to the table for a vote next month. The new rules may go into effect as early as April.