MANTECA (CBS13) – Caught on camera, surveillance video captured burglars driving through the storefront of a business.

Video shows the massive jolt to Manteca’s Tower Liquor store. It’s a burglary that looked more like a drive-thru than a break-in.

A van violently reversed through the storefront, followed by masked men leaping into the frame. Other cameras show more angles.

The crash entrance sent displays flying off their shelves. One burglar can be seen taking a moment to steal arms full of cigarettes behind the counter.

The masked thieves then wrapped the store ATM up with a chain, but the plan to drive off with the money machine in tow tanked. The chain didn’t hold the ATM.

“It’s amazing the lengths people go to get money,” shopper Debby Souza said.

“It’s crazy,” shopper Patrick Doyle said.

What’s crazier is these burglars didn’t stop.

Minutes later, they were caught on surveillance cameras targeting another liquor store, Manteca Mart Liquors. This time, they were using a metal rod.

After breaking in, the thieves ransacked the store. The same van can be seen backing up outside. The masked thieves then drag out an ATM, wedging it through the door, and out of sight.

It’s a crash course in break-ins, with no shame and no shortage of pictures, showing these bold Manteca burglars at work.

Lodi Police are hoping the video will lead to an arrest.


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