STOCKTON (CBS13) – Parents of students from Edison High in Stockton are upset after learning of a recent arrest that happened on campus just a few days ago.

According to community leaders, a student made terrorist threats against African-American students and no parents were even notified of the incident.

“We’re protesting – no justice, no peace,” said one student.

More than one hundred students at Edison High left their books behind and walked out of class to protest against gun violence.

Students say they want change and they want it now.  Some are calling school administrators and lawmakers to work harder to make classrooms safe again.

“I think the message is that they are tired of being scared to come to school and they are dealing with kids who deal with bullying, you deal with all types of things, three guns have been taken off this campus this year,” said Vernel Ross-Mullin, community activist.

Just recently at Edison High, a student was taken into custody for making terrorist threats against African-American students.  Parents are upset because they say school officials did not notify anyone about the incident.

“I am very, very disappointed with the district. We should have been. It’s sad,” said parent, Kimberly Ware.

Our calls to the Stockton Unified School District were not immediately returned, but leaders with the Stockton chapter of the NAACP say they met with school staff about the incident.

“The principal felt that there was no real threat. However, we have history that speaks to the fact that children have been killed at schools because nobody paid attention to the threat,” said Bobby Bivens, president, Stockton Branch NAACP.

Police officers were on standby at Edison for the protest.  They also responded to two other student walkouts — at Stagg and at Lincoln high schools where students say they are tired of the violence.

“I feel like the law, should make more laws and changes about guns, and people purchasing and getting their license,” said student Rosalinda Trujillo.

“They should probably like do a little bit more laws, like be more strict because they need to do something,” said student Kevin Romero.

Stockton police say there were five arrests made during the demonstrations for kids committing battery on officers, resisting arrest and causing damage to vehicles.


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