STOCKTON (CBS13) -Dive teams in Stockton will continue recovery efforts Monday morning for the body of a good Samaritan they believe was struck by a car and knocked into the canal waters near Weber Point beneath the I-5 overpass.

It was around 11 p.m. Saturday night when California Highway Patrol says a man lost control of his Honda on I-5 and was stranded on the side of the highway. That’s when they believe 26-year-old Doris Wilson and her friend Brandon Parrot, acting as good Samaritans decided to pull over and help.

“That’s just Doris. That’s just Doris being Doris,” said her sister, Shirley Wilson.

Shortly after, however, CHP says a woman driving a Chevy at a high rate of speed veered into their path and struck them both.

“They were able to find Brandon but they weren’t able to find Doris, so we’ve been here looking for Doris,” Wilson said.

While her friend was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, CHP says it’s most likely Wilson was knocked off of the overpass into the canal waters below. Dive teams searched last Saturday night and early Sunday morning with sonar but were unable to locate a body. Wilson’s family wants more effort along with answers.

“I think they should also be out on foot, because you never know, she could’ve went in the water and crawled out, you just never know. I just feel like they should do a better job with the search and take it more serious,” her sister said.

Meanwhile family and friends brace for all possible outcomes, calling Doris their angel.

“A mother before anything,” said Wilson’s best friend Charity Hardaman. “She was a good friend, a good sister, good daughter. She came to everybody’s rescue.”

Wilson’s mother, Lashanti Quarles says she’s been getting mixed reports from investigators as to how Wilson may have gone off the highway after being struck. She was told the initial stranded driver may have pulled Wilson’s friend Brandon from the highway’s edge, keeping him from going over, but couldn’t grab Wilson in time. But at this point she’s not clear exactly what happened.

CHP says this is not a hit-and-run situation as the driver that struck the two good Samaritans was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. They say neither drugs nor alcohol was involved in the crash.

Wilson has two young sons ages one and seven. Quarles says she will remain on scene until her daughter is found.


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