By Marc Woodfork

Is it just me or has Jason Bateman become one of the best actors we’ve seen of the last 10 years? Sure he’s been around for the better part of 35, but within the last decade or so, he’s really stepped up his game.

In “Game Night”,  he stars opposite Rachel McAdams as a couple whose weekly game night turns serious when a new game is introduced by Bateman’s brother who comes to visit.

“Game Night” works because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and audiences shouldn’t, either.  It doesn’t hide from what it is.  The script is well written and filled with whacky, slapstick dialogue that the entire cast buys into and the chemistry between Bateman and McAdams is the glue that binds it all together.  It’s hard to believe they haven’t worked together more often.

This is certainly a film worth watching — it’s one of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time. This time of year, theaters are filled with films vying for the coveted golden statue so “Game Night” is a welcome relief from the others.


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