By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Heavy hail plummeted the Central Valley Monday afternoon, much to the shock of Sacramento drivers.

“The cars had snow!” said 3-year-old Miguel Serrato. “Right there!”

“Looks like snow but it’s hail,” said Lamar Baker.

From Sacramento to Stockton, the large amount of hail came as quite the surprise for many in the Central Valley.

“I turned to my girl; I was like ‘You know, it’s hailing outside.’ She was like ‘No, it’s raining.’ I was like ‘No, look outside. Take a look at that!’”

“I grew up in Loomis, and I’ve never seen anything like this!” said Jessica Lynch.

Jasmin Vivero took a video in Stockton, unsure if she was seeing hail, snow or rain.

Even the governor’s dog, Colusa Brown, got the chance to frolic in the ice before it melted.

But the winter wonderland didn’t come without its challenges.

“The entire structure has come down,” Lynch said. “It’s on top of some cars.”

Heavy hail brought a carport in Natomas crashing down.

“I saw that mine was going to collapse and I moved my car,” Lynch said. “I tried to go to work, but I got stuck so I couldn’t actually go anywhere.”

But Lynch wasn’t alone. Dozens of drivers got caught in the ice, unsure how to navigate their way out. And even most of the ice has melted, drivers still have to look out for the slick spots.

“Take it slow,” Baker said. “I tell you take it slow! You might lose control!”


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