By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A massive 100-year cedar tree gave no warning. when it crashed onto a Pocket area home.

The tree smashed two family cars, before taking out part of a bedroom.

Riki Newell was in there with her kids. Thankfully, she says they managed to escape in time.

Arborists say the tree pushed part of the house off its foundation.

“At first I thought it was thunder and lightning because that’s what it sounded like. And then it got closer, and the house was shaking. I was like I feel like this is the world’s biggest earthquake,” said Newell.

What do people look for in old trees?

“Stress, broken branches, dead branches mistletoe in trees, all of which give signs to trees that are unhealthy, makes them weak and prone to failure,” said arborist Brent Willingham of Foothill Tree Service.

Willingham says calling an arborist to inspect a tree before it gives way – will save you a lot of money.


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