By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the storm continues to drop snow in the high country the focus on staying safe is heightened, and there are many devices that can keep you safe.

For 38 years, Land Park Ski and Sports has been outfitting snow enthusiasts, but they believe safety is just as important as the boots you’re buying.

“It can be incredibly dangerous, and you can find yourself in a scary situation very quickly,” said employee Aidan Lee.

Lee worked in Tahoe for six years too and said losing someone on the mountain hurts their whole community.

“I mean it’s tragic, nobody wants to hear that, we all want to go out there and have fun,” he added.

Which is why companies are making it easier to stay safe without trying.

“This Recco is what’s going to potentially save your life,” he pointed out.

Recco designs a tracking device that’s stitched right into its gear.

“It’s not actually battery powered, but it’s just simply a mirror,” Lee pointed out as he showed the small patch on jackets and pants the size of an Oreo.

By using a handheld device used by search and rescue worldwide sends out a signal that bounces off the mirror allowing them to locate victims significantly faster.

Lee said adventurous skiers should also be equipped with a beacon, a device to help find buried victims.

“Personally I’ve had multiple friends saved by these devices, avalanches are a part of skiing, and unfortunately they do happen,” he said.

The weather this weekend he also said is a perfect storm for powder and avalanche danger.

“It can slide especially with the slow season we’re having so far and the snow freezing and snowing on top. It basically creates a huge slab that can slide,” Lee said.


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