By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Several people are now behind bars after a series of illegal sideshows this weekend that started in Lathrop and ended in Stockton at three different intersections.

Investigators said one person was hurt during the incident and 10 cars were impounded.

A total of 22 people were arrested after illegal sideshows filled the streets including at an intersection where neighbors have seen this type of activity before. Tire marks are all that’s left on the streets in a quiet Stockton neighborhood after an illegal sideshow forced a lot of people out of their beds.

“Actually, it woke me up. I just heard the stretching, the rubber burning; I looked out my window. There is a lot of people out here, a lot of cars,” said a neighbor.

The task force made multiple arrests over the weekend at this illegal sideshow that started in a parking lot in Lathrop and continued into three intersections in Stockton.

“Just once in a while, they will come up and down here, and do a few donuts out here, in the street, but Saturday it was little outrageous,” she said.

Of the 22 people arrested, four were teenagers. Officers charged most of the drivers for aiding and abetting in a speed contest. Some were charged with reckless driving and speeding.

“It’s loud. I’m not condoning it, but it’s dangerous, there is danger in it,” said neighbor, Everett Hazard.

Investigators also arrested Mikaelia Jimenez, 22, of Tracy who they say coordinated the entire sideshow. Detectives issued close to 50 citations, impounded 10 cars and recovered one shotgun.

“Some of them drivers are skilled, you know, and maybe they need a place to, you know, for these guys to ride and show their talent. The safety of the people is the issue,” he said.

Witnesses say the sideshow in this Stockton neighborhood lasted for a good half-hour. Police say the gentleman who was injured in the sideshow was taken to an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries.


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