WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Two schools in the Sacramento region were put on lockdown on Monday after separate threats.

“When you make these sort of threats, we’re going to follow every lead we possibly can follow to get that person into custody,” said Sgt. Roger Kinney with the West Sacramento Police Department.

Police took swift action Monday morning when teachers at River City High School reported a threat on their voicemail.

“We can’t afford to have any more tragedies; No. 1 in the country, but certainly not in our community,” said Kinney.

The message left for teachers said something to the effect of “shooting at the school.”

“It was determined that the best thing to do was to follow our normal safety procedures, which is to lock down the school,” said Giorgos Kazanis with the Washington Unified School District.

Thirty miles away and roughly 30 minutes later, Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom was also placed on lockdown because of a separate threat.

“It should not be taken lightly by anyone,” said Andrew Bates with the Folsom Police Department.

In the Folsom case, the threats were made via text message and reported to police.

“Given incidents that have occurred nationwide, people who hear these threats are much more likely to call us and report them,” said Bates.

While classes were put on hold at both schools, police made quick work tracking the suspects. A 15-year-old River City High Student was arrested for calling in the West Sacramento threat.

“An arrest like this can affect you for the rest of your life. It is a felony charge,” said Kinney.

Ryan Bernal, 18, was arrested at a home for texting the threats about Vista Del Lago. He’s also charged with a felony.

“Whether it was or wasn’t a prank. It’s still serious,” said Kinney.

Police say jail time and a permanent record are a real possibility for both suspects for making a school threat.


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