By Steve Large

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) — Three men were arrested at a gun range after an alert man noticed something wasn’t right about their cache.

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department seized a collection of illegal weapons and ammunition at the Spenceville firing range, including an illegally-modified Glock handgun, and two AR-15s—both custom-built, one fully automatic.

“The two rifles that were seized were just illegal in nature because of the length of the barrels, and the overall length of the gun,” Yuba County Sheriff’s Lt. Wendell Anderson said. “Three of the weapons had no serial numbers; we were unable to track them whatsoever. One of the handguns did have a serial number, but it was unregistered.”

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Deputies are tracking whether that gun is connected to any crimes.

The three men caught with the weapons are under arrest. Angelo Craver, Marquis Miller, Bobby Yettou face a list of charges including manufacturing of machine guns. Yettou is a convicted felon and known gang member.

One of the men told deputies they learned to make the weapons on YouTube.

The tip into the sheriff’s department came from a man with military experience, who was also at the Spenceville firing range, and who identified the illegal weapons, removed his family, and called the cops.

“He had expressed concerns over the manner in which they were operating the weapons, and the direction that they were shooting the weapons,” Anderson said.

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So far deputies have no evidence the three were planning to use the guns to carry out any crimes. That is a possibility they may never know.

“Anytime you can take an illegal weapon off the street it’s a good day for us in law enforcement, and the community,” Anderson said.

Illegal, high powered, homemade, fully automatic weapons, in the hands of a convicted felon and his friends—now they’re all facing new felony charges.

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  1. Ok so the official statement you listed from the Yuba county sheriff’s office says nothing about being fully auto on the long guns that where I’m guessing too short, having now serial numbers and or altering them yes is a crime not to mention the felon in possession. Now I don’t know if they where fully auto but science it says nothing about that in the official statement by the sheriff’s office this leads me to believe your lying about that. When you twist the news to suit your agenda that’s fake news.

  2. Greg Gadfly says:

    FBI/DoJ employee Anderson of Sacramento along with her long time boyfriend
    Thomas committed murder. They conspired to kill David, an uncle of Thomas’s.

    Anderson knowing very well her boyfriend was to be a partial beneficiary
    of a large inheritance slowly poisoned David over the coarse of about
    five years.

    To make sure her crime paid well, Anderson gave David insider information
    about companies her department had investigated that was then used to build
    his net worth before his untimely death.

    David suddenly died in August of 2017. In his last 5 years of his life David
    battled all sorts of unusual sicknesses and complications which likely had
    been brought on by repeated small does poisoning.

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