By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Justice Department is suing the state of California over its immigration policies, alleging the state has interfered with federal immigration activities.

THE LAWSUIT: U.S. vs California

lawsuit Justice Department Suing California Over Immigration Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appear in Sacramento on Wednesday morning to make the announcement.

The lawsuit seeks to stymie the state’s immigration laws, including Senate Bill 54 and Assembly Bill 450.

SB54 bars police from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal enforcement activities, and AB450 is geared toward preventing workplace raids by prohibiting employers from letting immigration officials enter worksites or view employee files without a warrant or subpoena.

The complaint, alleges “California has no authority to enforce laws that obstruct or otherwise conflict with, or discriminate against, federal immigration enforcement efforts.”

Gov. Jerry Brown welcomed Sessions to California with a tweet on Wednesday night, scolding him for trying “to further divide and polarize America.”

The legal battle pits U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions  against California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Both are scheduled to speak at a California Peace Officers Association event Wednesday, at Sacramento’s Sawyer Hotel.

Becerra defended California’s laws to reporters in a phone conference call.

“I think the record will speak for itself that we’ve proven that not only is California doing things the way it should, but we’ve also proven that on numerous occasions, the Trump administration has acted outside the law,” Becerra said. 

The lawsuit come a week after sweeping immigration raids targeted dozens of immigrants across Northern California. It also comes in the wake of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tipping off her constituents about potential immigration raids. Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan lambasted Schaaf, claiming she let hundreds of people off the hook with her remarks.

A senior justice department official says there’s no update on whether the Justice Department will charge the mayor with any crime.

Sessions is expected to arrive in downtown Sacramento Wednesday morning, where organized protests are planned.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg was quick to react to news Sessions would be in town, saying “If you are coming to intimidate immigrants and to intimidate people in our city, I suggest you cancel your flight.”

Comments (3)
  1. Has Trump read the 11th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America….Sovereignty of the States?

  2. The Keebler Elf has come out of his dunce box eh? Imagine what would happen if California just decided to tell the Feds to stuff it and quit sending them federal tax money. California is something like the 5th largest economy in the world….Trump and the Feds would be shafted if they told Cheeto boy and Keebler elf to stick it.

  3. John Black says:

    wonder when any media will ask Gov. Brown about our “Roads”, I fell into a pot hole on Madison, I got out, my car ? it is nice people are thinking about states rights lately, amazing. Time for our State to help the homeless, I have never seen so many young people homeless. how about that state obligation????

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