By Steve Large

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville homeowner is sounding the alarm after a malfunctioning fire sprinkler destroyed her house.

Durlye Warren’s home is now gutted, the carpets ripped up, and the frame of her house exposed.

“It’s not fair; it’s not fair; this is my home,” Warren said. “And now I have to worry, ‘do I have mold in my house?’ My daughter is allergic.”

Her neighbors are now fired up too, concerned over the danger faulty fire sprinklers could pose to them.

A hundred people packed a Roseville library meeting room demanding answers from the company that built their homes. A Lennar Homes spokesperson promised inspections soon.

“We are concerned,” Bob Tummolo said. “We do want to respond back to you in a positive way.”

Cellphone video shows the day of the flood at Warren’s house. Water was seeping everywhere. Warren is still tallying the losses from everything destroyed.

“It’s a nightmare; it’s a nightmare that it could happen to anyone,” Warren said.

Warren showed me the problem sprinkler that malfunctioned in her house.

“The series number right there ‘vk457,'” Warren said.

The product made by “Viking” is no longer sold. The company released a statement to the Roseville homeowners reading:

“Viking corporation is aware of a limited number of activations of the model vk457 residential sprinkler without the presence of a fire.”

The company settled a lawsuit over the issue in 2017 that did not determine the cause of the activation.

“I don’t know who’s at fault,” Warren said. “I just know that I lost my home.”

No longer sold, but how many homes still have the Viking vk457 installed?

Durlye Warren’s home was destroyed. Her neighbors want that answer from Lennar Homes–before its too late for them.

  1. Aidan Downey says:

    the simple answer is to replace the sprinklers. Another company had a problem with defective sprinklers years ago and the price offered to sprinkler contractors to replace the sprinklers was about $7 or $8 per sprinkler, with the replacement sprinklers being provided. The homeowners should just replace the sprinklers, (less cost if done as a group purchase to one contractor) send the bill to Lenar, and if Lenar won’t pay, sue them.

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