SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A puppy left beaten on the side of a south Sacramento road is fighting for its life.

Bradshaw Animal Shelter posted a video of the dog on Thursday standing up, writing that “Thomas wants everyone to know he is determined to heal, grow up and live a long mischievous life.”

The two-month-old pit bull mix was found injured on Peck Drive and Harley Way.

A woman then brought him to Bradshaw Animal shelter where an X-ray revealed a 1.5-centimeter gash in his skull.

“We’re not sure neurologically if he’ll make a full recovery because there are bone fragments in his brain, but once the swelling goes down, hopefully we’ll be able to treat him to the point where he can have a somewhat normal life,” said Janna Haynes with the shelter.

“Thomas” has been on antibiotics, fluids and pain medication.

The owner of this puppy isn’t necessarily in trouble because it’s still unclear who hurt the dog.

Anyone with information can call 3-1-1.


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