AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — Mainers would be banned from sending sexually explicit digital images to some minors under a Democrat’s bill.

The Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee unanimously recommended Sen. Michael Carpenter’s bill last week. Maine’s high court last year reversed some convictions against a Presque Isle man because they said sexually explicit photos he sent to minors online didn’t constitute indecent exposure.

Court: Texting Photos Of Genitals Not Indecent Exposure
Rodeo Argument Ends With Wife Biting Man’s Genitals

Under the bill, individuals would face up to one year in jail for sending digital messages and images of sexual acts or another person’s genitals to anyone under 14 years old.

The bill would apply when 14-or 15-year-olds receive such messages from anyone at least five years older.

Individuals who send sexually explicit images after being told such images weren’t welcome could face up to six months in jail.



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