By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – From your home to your daily commute, experts are forecasting a few inches of rain, and it may begin to put you underwater.

“Their flowerbeds and planters are going to start to fill up and soil is going to start to pour over,” said Randy Aspinall, manager at Emigh’s Ace Hardware.

Aspinall has been selling sandbags and offering advice here for more than a decade.

“I always tell people they got to be prepared,” he added.

Aspinall said the ground is already saturated and a lot of that water from rainfall will have nowhere to go.

“Now is the time to do it because if you decide sandbags are your option, for example, you want to be in line with 20 other people are also trying to get sandbags,” he said.

While you may be worried about your home, the California Highway Patrol is warning you to slow down. The forecast predicts slick roads and high winds.

“It’s a bit concerning especially the first 24 hours when motorists have to go back to adjusting to driving in the wet road conditions,” said Mike Zerfas with CHP.

Possible wet commutes could lead to multiple wrecks.

“They could lose traction with the roadway, go off the road, or something tragic could happen like rolling over,” he said. “At the end of the day, the goal is to get home safely,” Zerfas said.

Don’t be deceived by the warmer weather and instead pull out your rain gear.

“It feels so much like summer, and we really do want spring to come and everything, but we need the rain too so will live with it,” Aspinall said.

The good news, weather experts say even 2 inches of rain will bring up our average totals to about 75 percent.

If you’re concerned about your drive home, you can always download our CBS13 Weather App which will show you where there’s ponding of water on the roadways, the radar, and areas to avoid.


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