By Steve Large

GRANITE BAY (CBS13) —Besides the planned school walkout protests across the country Wednesday, one local high school will remember the lives lost in Florida in a different way.

The Granite Bay High School band will honor victims with a touching tribute of its own, a performance of “Amazing Grace.”

“This beautiful song ‘Amazing Grace,’ it just makes you kind of sit for a bit,” Granite Bay freshman Maggie Delaney said.

Delaney asked her band mates to perform this hymn. They responded by staying after school to practice in honor of Parkland.

“Oh yeah, it’s been incredibly emotional,” Delaney said.

On the day of a planned national school walk-out over the Parkland shooting, these young musicians will honor the victims of the attack, with a short performance.

Delaney says she wanted her band to play for the shooting victims, especially after learning about Marjory Stoneman Douglas freshman Alex Schachter, killed in the Valentine’s Day attack.

Like Delaney, he was a freshman, also 14, and also in the band.

“And once I read about Alex, we’re so similar, in every way, you just bond immediately with a person you’ve never met,” Delaney said.

Following the massacre, Schachter’s high school band decided to follow through with a previously planned trip to perform at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall. Music is helping them heal.

“Definitely, music is a coping mechanism for me, and I want to say every other kid here,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Luis Gomez said.

Young minds, using music to mend the pain of another school shooting tragedy.

“It’s just to hopefully bring people together as music has the magic ability to do,” Delaney said.

In Granite Bay, a band practice, and the sounds of Amazing Grace.

Listen closely. It’s also the sound of resilience.